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Jan 11, 2022

How can buildings balance the many challenges of the present and future – energy efficiency, resilience, and now with the pandemic, human health? What happens when we staff building operations with new diverse talent? What is pandemic and climate issue fatigue? Mara Baum, an esteemed architect and partner with DIALOG's San Francisco studio, answers these and other questions on "The Future of Buildings with Joe Havey." Tune in to learn more. 

In this episode: 

  • Introduction (1:20);
  • Mara's personal and professional background (1:45);
  • Bill Odell - Mara's mentor at HOK (5:15);  
  • The intersection of environmental sustainability and human health (7:20)
  • Addressing pandemic and climate issue fatigue (11:00)
  • Capital budgeting and challenges of making buildings more energy-efficient (14:00)
  • Shortage of building operators (16:00)
  • What happens when we put the operations of buildings under a narrow sector of the population? (19:15)
  • What does the future of buildings look like: pessimistic and optimistic views? (26:15)
  • Translating critical issues into building design of the future (38:30)


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